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"I think we are coherent, electrically charged, superconducting, light-filled beings, and this basis needs to be the foundation for medicine - as well as of a healing process for all life on earth.  Disease, health, life - these are verbs, not nouns.  They are dynamic processes, a constant flux and flow and interchange, and I don't know how we can ever effectively treat people until we can began to see things this way.

THOMAS COWAN, MD, DUKE UNIVERSITY -Author, Human Heart, Cosmic Heart


The field of bioenergetics unifies my life's learnings - my combined studies in engineering, information technology, and alternative healthcare are the perfect blend for a vibrational medicine practitioner.

I come from a long line of healthcare practitioners, including my father and siblings.  From a young age, I recall being aware that the body knows how to heal itself. My Father (a now retired physician) was heavily influenced by his grandfather who learned medicine from the Cherokee Indians.  He told us never to take medication unless it was absolutely necessary.  He said that our bodies had built in systems to protect us, knew what to do, and that we should give them the chance to do it.  I learned to give my body ample time to make a correction before resorting to medication.

NES Health Practitioner

I remember being a bit bewildered that I didn’t want to pursue a field of biology in college. I was so much like my Father that I had assumed at some point I would become interested in medicine. But, it hadn’t happened. Instead, I was drawn to physics and math. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at university, studying aerospace engineering and math. I loved physics and learning about how our world works.  Upon graduating, I went to work for a defense contractor in the aerospace industry. Outside of work, I became an ultra endurance athlete. As I became more heavily invested in my athletics, my interest in exercise physiology grew. And my passion for the human body began! As my passion grew, I became less satisfied with my career and began considering going back to school. I decided that I wanted to be a Naturopathic Physician (ND). I left my job and became a massage therapist to support a flexible schedule and income while going back to school for Pre-Med at a University and then 4 years of ND School. A head trauma during a sporting event introduced me to CranioSacral Therapy. My own modalities were much more mainstream then.  I was still very rooted in my engineering discipline (prove it to me!) at that time.  But, what I experienced during my CranioSacral sessions was undeniable. I drew on my experiences from science laboratory experiments in college that there are forces which can’t be seen but clearly do exist, and I began my transformation into understanding the we are energetic beings. I started using yoga to heal my body and mind. I began meditating, and I watched my physical body improve. I became a CranioSacral convert and changed course to begin my studies in that direction. A mentor began teaching me about listening to nested sets of communications within the body: their patterns, rhythms, and coherence. I was fascinated but wondered how many years it would take me to develop my senses enough to become proficient at assessing and treating them.  


As life will, it orchestrated a set of events to bring me more towards my authentic self, but it involved getting very ill.  I was bedridden for nearly 2 months, sleeping 20+ hours a day. My body would literally shut down and I would sink into a deep, if not unconscious, sleep.  I had such brain fog that I could not solve (2+3) x 9 in my head.  I could not sustain anything resembling normal daily function for another 6 months. After that, I had a modified work schedule and often slept more than 12 hours a day on weekdays and most of the weekend just to be able to show up to work. I had lost all vitality, and frankly, some days I feared I would go sleep and not wake up. Once a talented athlete, I couldn’t even go for a walk around the block. Terrified, I saw numerous physicians, but no one could determine the cause of my illness.  


Then, synchronistically, I was led to NES Health.  The week after my discovery, I became both a NES client and a student. I am still just as excited about it today as I was that fateful night – perhaps even more! And now I understand why physics needed to be the foundation of my career in health.  Not too long after that, I discovered Acutonics and absolutely fell in love with it.  My journey with it was very much the same.  The moment I saw it, I know it was for me.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I like quiet, so no one was more surprised that I was to choose a sound healing modality!  But, I soon realized, it's not so much quiet that I love as it is the sounds of Nature and this modality is just that!  It's no surprise that which created us can also return us to health.  These two modalities complement each other very well, both being born from Eastern Medicine and more specifically from Acupuncture.


Come let me share my knowledge of life sciences and the power of bioenergetics with you!  I am an intelligent and gifted problem solver combined with the empathy of one who has experienced emotional trauma and chronic illness.  I love being outdoors, especially on a mountain bike, and I am a big fan of leveraging nature to get and stay well.  I want nothing more than to help you get back to being you! And with the modalities, I am well armed to do it!

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