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"Biological behavior can be controlled by invisible forces, including thought, as well as it can be controlled by physical molecules like penicillin, a fact that provides the scientific underpinning for pharmaceutical-free energy medicine.”

BRUCE LIPTON, PhD - Cellular Biologist

NES Health


Physically speaking, the NES Health system consists of software and a proprietary scanner that looks like a large computer mouse upon which you place your hand.  Both are the culmination of over 30 years of research.  It is the brainchild of a Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) Physician and a Healthcare Visionary.  The system they developed mathematically encodes the wisdom of thousands of years of TCM and wraps it in a technological package.


At a very high level, NES uses quantum physics to detect energetically depleted cell organelles=>cells=>tissues=>organs=>systems.  This depletion occurs due to exposure to toxins, heavy metals, virus, stress, emotional trauma, man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and the like.  NES shows us where our bodies have been broken down energetically, leaving them struggling and vulnerable.  


The first stage involves restoring the energy necessary for our bodies to perform all of their critical tasks.  NES research shows that our body heals in a specific order which corresponds to how we developed embryologically and how we became unwell.  


The next stage is to open, balance, and reestablish communication and energy flow along the acupuncture meridians.  Well-functioning meridians are high speed information networks that keep intrinsically connected tissues in sync.  In order to transmit and receive information, these tissues must have sufficient energy.  


NES provides additional resources to address how our mind is affecting us energetically - this includes thoughts/beliefs/emotions, trauma, and chakras (our life memory centers).  It also takes in account nutritional and environmental elements.  


Consider that, as with the cell, so with the body - both are highly sensitive antennae, polling our environment to determine how to maintain homeostasis - constantly determining how to be vital!  The key to vitality is a well functioning detection and response system (known as the human body field at NES).  


To restore integrity to the field, NES uses infoceuticals which are distilled water and planted-based colloidal minerals (colloids have very interesting characteristics!).  The minerals are necessary to provide charged particles (electrons).  This solution is then put through a proprietary process which subjects it to a pulsing electrostatic field that imprints it with corrective information.  There are currently over 70 different infoceuticals that can be combined to provide a bio-specific protocol.

I am fond of saying that NES doesn't do anything but shine a light for your body's innate healing intelligence to follow.  However, this innate wisdom is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe.  And, if we can bring it out of the dark, then we have truly done something that is bound to yield profound results.


For those who want to include an energetic approach to their situation.  For some, they have tried all of the biochemical means possible to regain wellness, but have not succeeded or at least fallen short of their goal of regaining their original vitality.  The piece that may be missing for them is a physics based solution (remember that Nature doesn't divide herself into scientific disciplines - humans do).​  You may be walking around like a piece of furniture that requires assembly, with all the right parts and no instructions.  NES allows your body to remember those instructions.  For others, they are already aware of the power of  bioenergetics and want to include it from the beginning.

People seeking optimal wellness may use NES as an early detection system.  NES has determined over the last 14 years that issues in the energetic information system occur long before symptoms arise.

NES is also an excellent support system for those going through difficult periods in their lives.  Whenever we are dealing with an overwhelming environment, whether it be due to the amplitude or volume of the input, the body comes under stress.  The nature of the situation will determine where in the body the stress is felt.  NES can detect and support the affected areas so that the stress is mitigated or reduced.  It's also a means for releasing the remnants of past stresses and traumas and preventing new ones from becoming physically invested.

And finally, NES offers a selection "Feel Goods" which elevate our mood (we've all heard of the numerous benefits of an elevated mental state).  These can be used anytime a boost is needed!


It's very simple!  You'll need to purchase the scanning device (a one time charge of about $60 + shipping) which will collect and send data up to the secure NES server.  This is the exact same data that I would collect in the office.  I am then able to download the data and run it through the NES software to produce your scan results.  We setup a time to meet online in a screen sharing session where we get to know one another and discuss your results.  Once we decide on a protocol, I ship the infoceuticals to you.


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