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"In the beginning there was sound. Sound began the whole thing, and in sound resides tremendous power. It opens doorways to other realities, for with the production of sound, energy can move from one system to another. Tones themselves correspond with and affect specific areas of the body. The ancients understood that a simple sound could reorganize the body’s structure. Sounds that are harmonious, activate the body and create healing.”

BARBARA MARCINIAK - Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library


Commonly known as "Needle-less Acupuncture", Acutonics is a sound healing modality created by acupuncturists who wanted to move away from using needles.  They also wanted to see if they could push the boundaries of what could be accomplished through the acupuncture meridians.  They found their answers in sound.  As all living things are vibrational beings, it makes sense that sound provides the most logical and effective (not to mention peaceful and beautiful) pathway for communication.  Sound is everywhere - even when we don't hear it!  Sound travels through water 4 times faster than air and since our bodies are 70% water, we are the perfect recipients for sound therapy.  


Acutonics uses many sound implements but the core of the modality is tuning forks.  Three octaves of forks are used so that the physical, 

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emotional, and energetic bodies can all be addressed, as is often necessary for complete resolution of issues.  The forks fold in seamlessly with Five Element Theory - one of the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Five Element Theory assigns characteristics of fire, water, earth, metal, and wood to organs, physiological functions, emotions, and behaviors.  When there is imbalance, the theory seeks to right it by bringing these elements back into harmony.  For example, the Moon Forks (the white fork in the picture) represent water and the sun forks (the yellow fork in the picture) represent fire.  Acutonics provides a tremendous amount of flexibility in its treatment protocols because you not only have the characteristics of the acupuncture points but also those of the 50+ forks.  Some forks can even be equipped with a crystal or gem tip for greater and more coherent sound transmission (like laser sound!).  Rose quartz can be used to clear energy.  Blue topaz can be used to help release emotions.

Another advantage of tuning forks is that the vibrations bring a source of energy into the body.  For those with chronic illness or depleted by stress and the demands of a busy lifestyle, the body benefits from getting "plugged in to recharge" by the forks.  The vibrational energy can be transformed by the body into whatever form it needs.  A healing cell needs twice the energy of one that is already in homeostasis.  Without the proper energy resources, it can become stuck in its current state.

Your initial session includes time to do a thorough intake and view it with an "eastern" lens.  During your treatment, the forks provide a great deal of feedback about the energetic status of your body and inform us as to what types of energy the body needs.  This is done in many ways but primarily through the speed at which they absorb the vibration.  Based on this feedback, the protocol can quickly be adapted as necessary.  You will lay comfortably supported on a massage table during the session.  Thin clothing, shorts, and short-sleeved shirts are preferable as this allows your body to receive the best sound conduction.  Most people report feeling incredibly relaxed, even falling asleep on the table, and much lighter after their sessions.  There is also often a deep sense of peace and inner strength that you can carry out of the office with you.

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