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"“Stress,” in the sense of an undesirable state, is defined by Levine as the inability of the complex dynamical system of the ANS to recover to normal functionality.”

PETER LEVINE, PhD - Creator of Somatic Experiencing (SE)


While I have valued massage as a client for over 20 years, I became a bodyworker quite by accident. It was only supposed to be a temporary career on the way to another healthcare profession. But, when I discovered the beauty of the working directly with the tissues, I fell in love. Due to the way my mind works and my engineering background, I can see how the body was designed and intended to be used. That helps me to understand the issues that my clients come in with and where/how their pain might be manifesting. As a former competitive athlete, I think I have also come to understand a lot about how the body works in a practical sense because I've pushed mine so hard in so many ways. When my client comes in, I can sympathize with what they are feeling because I've been there myself. I also understand how important it can be for our spiritual growth to allow our bodies to express ourselves.


I was so eager to learn more about bodywork that, within 18 months of graduating from massage school, I had already embarked on a journey to learn significantly more.  I took more than double the educational hours that were required to obtain my license.  ART, Active Release Technique, was just gaining traction and I went to several of their certification courses.  I really loved the myofascial and neuromuscular work and was drawn to Tom Myers' work, so I enrolled in his (KMI) Structural Integration program.  This work is very similar to what many people know as Rolfing.  And, after suffering a head trauma, I began taking Craniosacral courses.  Admittedly, this was difficult for me at the time, as I was very much into being "heavy handed".  It took some years for me to appreciate the power of this light touch modality.  I have Tad Wanveer, owner of the former Cary Center for Craniosacral Therapy to thank for shining this light on helping me to understand the immense power of this work.

One thing that I have learned firsthand is that stress has a massive impact on our health.  So, whatever the cause, I want to help my clients mitigate its impact.  No matter which type of session you choose, you'll leave a healthier, more well functioning YOU!

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