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The field of epigenetics teaches us that every cell in our body is an antennae and we as human beings are sensing beings, Our body adapts every day all day - to changes in temperature, our demands to be still or move quickly, to relax or be highly focused, and on and on.  So, in order to achieve optimal wellness, we must look at all of the signals that are coming in.  The wheel below illustrates a holistic approach where we can consider all areas of our life.  Where do we need to make changes?  And how can we make whole the damage that has already been done?  Healing can require a shift in many aspects of our life.  I prefer following the philosophies of Eastern Medicine which respect and remember our connections to Nature.  They help us to realize that balance is necessary and that life is intended to always be changing - there cannot be a Spring without a Winter.  They help us to


look at the bigger picture and see ourselves as a whole.  I also value their passive approach with respect to treatment, providing inputs and corrections that the body can leverage as it sees fit - rather than forcing themselves on the body.  By looking at all of the signals we are providing to the body, we can determine which are helping us and which are challenging us.  This helps to create awareness which I feel is the first critical step in transformation.  I choose to use bodywork and vibrational medicine to assist the body on its healing journey for the power and complexity that comes in such a benevolent wrapper.

No matter what medical name is given to the collection of symptoms you have and no matter how many other people also experience that condition, your journey is unique.  Therefore, it makes sense that your healing also be unique.  Bioenergetics recognizes and honors that and is one of the main reasons that I chose this line of healthcare modalities.

No one is like you.  The world needs the unique light that only you can shine!

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